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(Here is a brief overview of our regular activities, where they take place and who we support)

We are a faith community and charity based in Manchester. Many of our programs and projects are non-denominational and open to everyone. We organize many community activities from our local center in Manchester. As well as in individuals.


We are very community and user driven in how we design, develop and deliver our projects. We always consult extensively with our users, senior management and the wider community before designing any program or activity.


Over the years we have implemented many programs including: youth work, women's activities to help women engage in the community access available support and services.


We have also done the COVID Support Project, Community Anti-Poverty Activities, Cultural Awareness Sessions, Community Cohesion Activities, Music and Art Theater Projects, Educational Programs, Aid Projects to the homeless for refugees and asylum seekers, Also projects for the elderly.


We support and provide services to vulnerable people in our local community who are experiencing challenges and hardships resulting from living cost crisis and the challenge that people encounter for everyday life.


We help and support vulnerable people such as refugees, asylum seekers, homeless people, the elderly and low-income families, who are facing very serious financial difficulties or who are most affected by the crisis of living cost in our local community.


And We also help people who suffer from depression or anxiety, emotional problems, also those who are experiencing financial difficulties and loneliness caused by the Covid-19 crisis and other social problems.



Our mission is to bring people together, to fight poverty and inequality in our local community, and also to improve the health and well-being of many vulnerable people in our local community.


So, as a church community and charity, we know that since the Covid-19 crisis, many people have lost family members in our local community. And some are already facing great challenges in their daily lives such as depression, anxiety, emotional worries and loneliness - And others are experiencing financial hardship due to the cost of living crisis and some d 'among them are in a very difficult and urgent situation and they really need our help.


We also know that some people do not have access to government benefits because of their immigration status and live very difficult lives among us.


This is why we provide support and services to these vulnerable people such as refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people, low income families and the elderly, because they are the most affected by this crisis of the cost living and the post Covid-19 crisis in our local community.


Our priority is therefore to help those affected by the crisis in our local community. So we try to work hard to bring the community together by showing the people around us that they are not alone in their situation.

Freedom House Church Manchester



.Currently we are providing professional pastoral care, counselling, social support for your well-being and professional therapy to vulnerable people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and emotional issues caused by the impact of the cost of living crisis. Or other social problems that people face in their daily lives.


We provide vulnerable support services including the distribution of a food voucher or basic food items worth around £30 to the most affected vulnerable individuals and families in our local community and those who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the cost of living crisis and after the Covid-19 Crisis.


You can also contact us if you need help with shopping or collecting your prescriptions, and also if you want to contact a service by phone but cannot do so yourself because you do not speak very good English, we can help you by contacting them or filling out the form for you if you cannot do it yourself.


All services are available to the public and all members of our local community. Do not hesitate to contact us if you

are looking for one of these aids, and we will see if you are qualified to obtain it.

Church in Manchester


As a community and church, we understand that major life changes often trigger loneliness and these changes can come from: stopping work or losing a job, discovering health issues, losing a loved one, divorce and also money worries are stressful and can have a negative impact on your mental health.


We also know that the cost of living crisis hitting our community today is making some people in our community even more vulnerable than usual.


We understand that the lack of money and the lack of other support can therefore make it difficult for people who have no one to help them because they have no friends or family to support them and help them in their daily lives. .

And also because they don't have access to all government benefits. People like refugees and asylum seekers, the homeless, the elderly and other low-income families therefore need more help.


And we try to help them as much as possible. Because we believe that as a community, if we don't react quickly, the emotional consequences of these experiences can have a greater impact on our local community.


Right now, after the Covid-19 crisis, we are doing our best to rebuild our community which is affected by the current cost of living crisis. Our team of volunteers therefore works hard every week to rebuild a vibrant and happy community. And improve the lives of many of you in our community who are affected by the current crisis.


As a community, we are doing our best to try to keep everyone connected, happy and healthy during this time.


So if you think you are one of the people who need our help, don't hesitate to make an appointment online. Or call our office number or send us a message through our website, we will get back to you promptly. Also, if you have a donation to support those most affected by the crisis, feel free to donate using our online donation.

Freedom House Church Manchester


We now run a Breakfast Club project in our local center every Saturday from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. We believe this breakfast club project is now bringing the community together during this difficult time of the cost of living crisis. And helps us rebuild a strong, happy and vibrant community after the covid crisis.


So if you are interested in attending the Breakfast Club event, register online to reserve your place as we have very limited place. Every Saturday In our breakfast club where everyone is welcome, we share food, music, dance to help you release stress and feel happy and confident, we also have a special speaker in each breakfast club who comes to motivate us and teach us how to stay happy, strong and confident in the difficult times of our lives.


The Breakfast Club program is also an opportunity for many of you who feel lonely to come meet new people and make new friends in our local community. Remember that together we are stronger than one. So don't let the crisis divide our community.


If you would like to support the Breakfast Club program with your donations, please call the office number

{ 01614654944 } from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You can also email us or send your donation directly through this site using a donation page and we will be happy to receive your contribution.



We know that the ability to connect with others can make things easier for many people in our local community, bringing smiles to our faces and relieving stress.


We understand that living with financial worries is difficult and can have a negative impact on your mental health. That's why we're available here to chat with you; please join our regular morning and evening online tea/coffee, which will allow you to socialize with others in the community to avoid loneliness and it will be a good support for your mental and physical well-being.


Don't be left alone, we are stronger as a community than alone Call the office number on 01614654944 and we will connect you with a group chat or one-on-one chat with our counsellor.

We are here to rebuild a vibrant and happy community and keep everyone connected, happy and healthy during this difficult time.

Church in Manchester


Don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to help people like you, please use this short form to request an appointment to meet with our pastor or one of our counselors and get the help you need.

You can also call the office on 01614654944. anytime between 10am and 8pm. From Monday to Saturday or send us email on

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