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There are two objectives to pursue in our great theme for this year 2023: First God himself by his goodness and his great mercy will manifest his divinity in us to prove to the world that we belong to him and that we carry his DNA.

In the second objective Our mission this year will be to manifest the Divine that is hidden within us:

1) Manifesting the Divine means manifesting Knowledge of God's Word through action, that is, making sure that we practice God's Word in our daily lives.

2) To manifest the divine is also to manifest the character of God in our daily lives. What are the characteristics of God? God is love, God is merciful, God is compassionate, God is full of goodness, God is powerful, God is slow in anger, God is Spirit etc...


To manifest the divine within you is to manifest the character of God within you. Here, divine characteristics refer to the outward manifestations of God's nature that can be seen and appreciated by men.


According to the Bible Even the universe and nature manifest divine characteristics every day: Just look at the universe with all the things created by God and you will notice that the entire universe expresses divine characteristics.

It is written: (Romans 1:20)

"For his invisible things, both his eternal power and his divine characteristics, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world."

In every atom of the universe, God is there. Everything you see, the mountains, the trees, the insects, the birds and beasts, the food and the air you breathe are all manifestations of the divine.


When you see the light, you know that God is light; the universe and nature are beautiful, this teaches us that God is a God of beauty; the universe is full of vitality, because God is the source of life; the universe is ordered with celestial bodies rotating in their own orbits, therefore God is ordered and unconfused.


The physical body of the parents who are physical because the day you were born your mother did not create your soul or your spirit, but she gave birth to your body. This is why your paramedic cord was attached to your mother in her womb to symbolise the bond your body has with her.

Also, if you have to respect your blood, you will find your parents' DNA which represents the bond between you and your parents so that your body has parents who are your biological parents.

But if we flee into your soul we will find nothing of your parents because it is God who gave birth to your soul, they are not your biological parents, no human being in the world and capable of giving life to a soul. Only God can do that. and as a conclusion we will disappoint to say that we are born in two ways we are born physically and spiritually and the one who gave birth to us spiritually is God because he is the father of all souls.

And because we are born of men and of God at the same time, therefore in our characters we manifest two characters: the human character which we inherit from our parents which manifests itself in our body and the divine character which we inherit from God which manifests in our soul and spirit and often expresses itself through our body.

And in this year 2023 as children of God it is the perfect will of our father and that we will be able to manifest more the divine side of our creation rather than the carnal and human side of our creation.

We frustrate and even discourage many people from following Christ because our character is more human than divine, more carnal than spiritual.

For in the church today, many of God's children, even when he seems to be born again, when you look at their character, you see their parents more than God, you see more human character than divine. you see the wicked side of men more than the divinity of Christ.

According to the Bible, from the moment we receive Christ, all things must become new. That is to say, the carnal must be dominated by the spiritual and we must manifest more divinity than humanism in us.

It is written: (1Corinthians 5.17)

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

In conclusion, this year your husband should feel he has married a sister in Christ, your wife should also feel that she is living with a born-again brother filled with the Holy Spirit. Your parents must feel that you are a servant of God, in college, school and in life wherever you go, you must show them by your character that you have been born again in Christ and are now a child of God.


To manifest the divine in you is to manifest the character of God in you.

I believe that in the life of every child of God there is the divine

Divine Manifestation:

How to show love? Love can manifest itself when, by our reactions and actions, we win over an adversary and make him feel our love and the love of God.

The truth is stable it can face falsehood and the three categories of time past, present and future and it remains solid and durable without modification.

Unity is the true sign of divine manifestation. Where there is true unity, God always manifests Himself.

Righteousness and justice are divine characters that we need in our lives this year.

Compassion: There is no greater quality than compassion. It is compassion that redeems human life.

Peace is the greatest blessing. Today because there is no peace in people's minds, the world is plunged into conflict. Peace is truly divine.

Patience is a divine quality He who possesses it a worthy son.

of God.

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