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Can a person have several fathers in the ministry?

You will only have one biological father in your life, but that does not prevent you in your destiny from having other people who can act as fathers in your life. You also need to understand that not everyone in life grew up like you. Everyone has a different story and grew up in different circumstances.

Some people are born in the house where they can see a father every day and the father can take care of him to grow up healthy, but some people have not been so lucky in their lives. Others lost their father early. Others have been abandoned by their father. Other people, the father was there, but he was unable to support him because the father did not have the right job to help him grow up healthy and complete his education.

This situation may force some people to have another person who can properly play the role of dad in their life. In this case, the person may have two or more dads in his life.

In this list of classification of fathers, the one who agender you is your father, the one who adopts you as a son also legally becomes your father in the eyes of the law. The one who fed you and paid your fees to complete your education is also your father. Your father's friends are also your fathers, the neighborhood dads are also your fathers. Your mother's husband is also your father.

In this classification of fathers, you will notice that each father has a role to play in your destiny. Here, I speak as an African who grew up in Africa.

The same principle is also applied in the life of faith and ministry because you do not need the person to be the one who helped you to be reborn in the life of faith before calling him father.

At present, many young Christians and servants who write to me if I can become their father of faith because they feel abandoned by themselves. I believe this is one of the big problems we have in today's society and the church has the same problem as well.

If someone that I don't know or raised in the ministry comes to submit for me to become his father in the ministry. I would accept with love. If I feel that he will be able to submit to my authority and that he will walk according to my principles within the minister.

Do not forget that a person without a father is a danger to the future of society.

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