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Destroy The Hidden Alliances:

A) What is a Covenant?

a) According to the English dictionary:

1) Union contracted by mutual commitment.

2) Alliance with God, in the Jewish religion.

3) Union of powers which undertake by a treaty to lend mutual assistance in the event of war.

4) the word alliance is the synonym of the word marriage.

b) Biblically:

Covenant is a biblical name that comes from the Hebrew word Berīt which means contracts, promises or agreements made in ritual and solemn form between God and individuals, between God and Israel, between God and several individuals or between individuals and individuals. but it can also be between two families.

The agreements signed in the pacts often become laws, that is to say a series of rules to be followed, stated in the form of commandments; who will bring together the two parties of the alliance and the person who will not respect the clauses and the oaths made. He will be sanctioned and punished.

B) Two types of alliance:

There are two kinds of alliances: those which are made (from a suzerain to a vassal, that is to say from a superior to an inferior) and those which are concluded between equals.

In the first, the superior decides and the inferior is offered security and protection in exchange for his agreement. The second is based on reciprocity: each of the partners (which may be two or more) undertakes to respect the terms defined by the bilateral obligations.

Example Alliance between equals:

The Covenant of Abraham and Abimelech Kings of the Philistines

Several agreements of this kind are mentioned in the Old Testament, such as that which was concluded concerning the waters of Beersheba (in the south of Palestine) between Abraham and the Philistine king Abimelech.

As a pledge of the oaths exchanged then, Abraham had given seven sheep, which authorizes two etymologies for the name Bersabée (Beersheba): well of the Seven or well of the Oath.

The Covenant of Abraham and Abimelech Kings of the Philistines

(Genesis 21:22-34)

At that time, Abimelech, accompanied by Picol, commander of his army, spoke thus to Abraham: God is with you in all that you do.

23 Swear to me now here, by the name of God, that you will not deceive me, nor my children, nor my grandchildren, and that you will have for me and the land where you are staying the same kindness as I had for you.

24Abraham said, I will swear it. 25But Abraham rebuked Abimelech about a well of water, which Abimelech's servants had taken by force. 26Abimelech answered, “I do not know who did this thing; you did not inform me of it, and I only learn of it today.

27And Abraham took sheep and oxen, which he gave to Abimelech; and they both made a covenant.

28Abraham separated seven young sheep. 29And Abimelech said to Abraham, What are these seven young sheep which you have separated? 30He answered, “Thou shalt accept these seven sheep out of my hand, that it may prove unto me that I have dug this well.

31Therefore this place is called Beer-sheba; for there they both swore. 32So they made a covenant at Beer-sheba. After which, Abimelech rose, with Picol, chief of his army; and they returned to the land of the Philistines.

33Abraham planted tamarisk trees at Beer-sheba; and there he called on the name of the LORD, God of eternity. 34Abraham spent a long time in the land of the Philistines.

What we can learn from the alliance of Abraham and Abimelech king of the Philistines:

1) Abimelech recognizes that God was with Abraham.

2) Abimelech also acknowledges that Abraham was a powerful and prosperous man.

3) Abimelec asks to make a covenant with Abraham for the protection of his family in exchange for treating Abraham and his family with kindness and peace.

4) Before the two agree to the terms of this covenant.

Abraham blamed Abimelech for a well of water that had been taken by force by Abimelech's servants.

5) Abraham giving sheep to Abimelech to seal his covenant with Abimelech. As in any covenant, offering rituals and sacrifices are very important to seal the covenant.

6) And Abimelec agrees to restore to Abraham the lost well of water and Abraham refuses to take it back for free he gave 7 sheep as an offering to serve as witnesses that the well was returned to him by King Abimelec.

7) In the end, the alliance was made between the two.

8) As soon as the covenant was concluded, Abraham planted tamarisk which are plants that are often planted in desert places to fight against drought.

It is written that Abraham planted tamarisk trees and began to call on the name of the Lord his God!

Why did Abraham plant the tamarisk? He did this because he knows that any wedding ring must have a mark or a sign that can personalize this wedding ring. And Abraham planted the tamarisk to be a sign that the place was rightfully his.

9) Why Abraham invoked the name of God because in all the covenant he must have the guardians of the covenant who will have to watch over the oaths and the causes of the covenant so that it is respected and also to intervene in case of breach of undertaking.

Traditionally, the people who watch over the oath and covenants are often deities, spirits or higher authorities. In the case of Abraham, he chooses to invoke God there so that God will be his witness, his guardian and his judge in case Abimelec changes his position.

Example of an alliance between a higher authority and a lower authority:

This type of covenant was granted by God to certain characters of the Old Testament: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and David were among those who benefited from it.

Here are two different examples of men in agreement with God:

1) The covenant of God is the first human couple:

(Adan and Eve a conditional blessing) Genesis 2:15-17

The Covenant or the contract that bound the first human couple to God this covenant included a blessing clause for the man and the woman: they could multiply and dominate over any creature. But this blessing was accompanied by a prohibition:

Adan and Eve were forbidden by God, by a law which forbade them to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and if man disobeyed this law, he was to die. This is where we understand that the suffering imposed on Adam and Eve and their descendants was due to the breach of a contract with the Creator.

2) The covenant of God and Abraham:

(Abraham An unconditional blessing)

The covenant made with Abraham, as described in Genesis chapter XVII, was unconditional.

Abraham received the divine blessing accompanied by a double promise: he was to become the father of several nations and his descendants were to possess the land of Canaan forever.

The mark of this agreement, the "sign of the covenant", was the obligation to have all males circumcised at the age of eight days, the uncircumcised being driven out of the community for breach of contract.

C) Important things to remember:

In any covenant there are always its three things: the oaths and clauses, the signs and mark of the covenants, and the witnesses and guardians of the covenant.

1) The clauses and the oath:

are words spoken between the two parties that must be respected.

2) The sign or seal:

are often the elements that characterize and personalize a wedding ring to make it unique. It is also the mark that reminds both parties of their word and their attachment to this alliance.

3)Witnesses and guardians:

are there to ensure that covenants and oaths are maintained and respected between the two parties.

When two wizards form an alliance, the witnesses are often deities or spirits, or even individuals possessing evil power, who will act as guardians of the alliance to enforce the treaty made between the two people.

How people end up in demonic alliances:

In general, people find themselves in demonic alliances in three ways:

1) First there are those who have voluntarily signed pacts with the devil themselves in exchange for healing, glory, success, protection, wealth etc... these kind of alliances are conscious alliances because the person knows the oaths made during this engagement.

To end this kind of covenant, three things are necessary: ​​repentance, renunciation, and the prayer of deliverance.

2) Second, there are people who have been introduced by wicked people into demonic alliances without knowing or realizing it.

3) Thirdly Those to whom covenants are made in their name. These types of alliances are often alliances contacted by parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

This kind of alliances is often made when the victim is still a child from 0 to 17 years old and sometimes even before the birth of the victim. The devil takes advantage of this age to bind people to things they never signed and which will weigh on their destiny later.

Because indeed, at this age, the children are still under the authority of their parents and in a legal way, the parents can decide or take decisions concerning the future of their children and it is considered as a legal procedure by the devil.

That's why if you have God-knowing and God-fearing parents, you must bless God, because witch parents are real nightmares for the future of their children. because that's where everything becomes difficult to have, So even the things that we take easily from others but for those who come out in the belly of the wicked everything will be difficult because witchcraft is equivalent to suffering and poverty.

And this kind of alliances are usually very complex to get rid of because often their foundations are hidden and unknown sometimes even untraceable because the person who made it in the family has already died and has never shared this secret with anyone. thus the secret remains hidden and unknowable unless God reveals it to you.

Because these covenants are hidden and unknown, it becomes more complex to be delivered from them. And generally, the hidden alliances in some cases continue to destroy their victim just because he is hidden and unknown because it is always difficult to get rid of something that one does not know.

Because you ignore the oaths made against you in his hidden covenants. to get rid of it, you must take your case to the great court of heaven where God is the supreme judge and Jesus Christ is our advocate.

Likewise, if you take a case to the courts of this world, the judge will order the police or investigators to investigate to find the origin of the crime and arrest the culprits.

In the same way when you will carry your business in front of the court God, God will order angels of investigation to inquire into your suffering to know the origin of it in order to deliver you and to restore you the stolen things and to condemn the culprits.


Covenants are extremely strong contracts that are not easily dismissed in life. And often they can bind you or claim you for life. And to get rid of it, you need the intervention of a superior.

I use this example to help you understand:

when you are legally married, the only institution in the world that can declare your divorce and give you the right to remarry is the court. And No one has the power to issue you the divorce certificate outside the court.

The same thing when you are bound by a satanic covenant you cannot get rid of it yourself it takes the intervention of a superior and the only person who can help you get rid of it is God. Why? Because God is the Supreme Judge and Jesus Christ is our Advocate with the Father.

So if you want to get rid of hidden or unknown alliances which have their source in witchcraft and which prevent you from prospering and living happily on this earth, you must introduce a file into the great court of heaven where God himself and the supreme judge and Jesus and our advocate.

Genesis 2:15-17

The Eternal God took the man, and placed him in the garden of Eden to tend it and to keep it. 16The LORD God commanded the man, “You may eat of all the trees in the garden; 17but you shall not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for the day you eat of it you will die.

Psalm 5:10

Strike them as guilty, O God! May their designs bring their downfall! Cast them into the midst of their numberless sins! Because they rebel against you.

Martin Bible

O God! put them on trial,

Psalm 10:15

Break the arm of the wicked, Punish his iniquities, and let him disappear from your sight!

Psalm 17:13

Arise, Lord, meet him, overthrow him! Deliver me from the wicked by your sword!

Psalm 35:1-8,26

From David. Eternal! defend me against my adversaries, Fight those who fight me!…

Psalm 55:15

Let death surprise them, Let them descend alive to Hades! For wickedness is in their dwelling place, in their midst.

Psalm 71:13

Let them be confused, annihilated, those who want my life! Let them be covered with shame and reproach, those who seek my destruction!

Psalm 109:6-20

Place him under the authority of a wicked one, And let an accuser stand at his right hand!…

Psalm 144:6,7

Shine the lightning, and scatter my enemies! Launch your arrows, and rout them!…

Exodus 22:7-8

If the thief is not found, the master of the house will appear before God!

If a man gives another man money or things to keep, and they are stolen from the latter's house, the thief will give double restitution, in case he is found. 8 If the thief is not found, the master of the house shall appear before God to declare that he has not laid hands on his neighbor's property. 9In any fraudulent matter concerning an ox, an ass, a lamb, a garment, or a lost thing, about which it will be said, This is it! -the cause of both parties will go to God; whoever God condemns will make double restitution to his neighbor.

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