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The Healing Of the Soul

To heal your soul, you must first know the condition of your soul and the virus that affects your soul to make it sick.

There are at least 6 major viruses that affect your soul on a daily basis:

1) Sin:

Sin is a great destructive door that affects your soul. You must understand that every sin you commit is a poison that affects your soul. And if you want your soul to be healthy, you have to stop committing sins in your life.

2) Demons:

If you are possessed by demons, your soul will be sick and affected because the mission of the devil is to destroy every living soul in the world.

3) Unforgiveness:

You need to understand that your soul works just like your body, so there are things you need to do every day to keep your body safe and sound, like bathing, eating, and going to the gym. bathroom. Likewise, every day you must get rid of all the waste that might interfere with the proper functioning of soul life.

Here is the list of waste that your soul must evacuate from it on a daily basis: bad resentment, anger, jealousy and revenge etc. Whatever you are going through, you must always be sure that you yourself are free from things that can poison your soul or that can affect the life and well-being of your soul.

So in this case forgiveness becomes very important to facilitate the functioning of your being. Because the one who does not forgive is like the one who eats without going to the toilet..

4) The Environment:

The environment plays a very important role in the proper functioning of your soul, as the environment can override feelings of frustration, joy, happiness, peace or anger on your soul. the emotions your soul triggers are the results of the environment in which it lives.

This will include the spiritual place and the physical place. So take the time to maintain your environment because the well-being of your soul depends on it.

5) Speech:

You should know that any word we speak in our mouth has a creative effect, it can create good or evil. Misfortune or happiness, joy or peace, trust or mistrust. love or hate. war or peace. rebellion or confidence.

Remember that God created everything by speech alone, and he gives man the same creative capacity for speech as he does. It means that we were created in his image. His image means that we have the same creative capacity as God through the word.

The word you listen to every day can build your soul or destroy your soul. It can warrant joy or sorrow in your soul. It can either boost your self-confidence or destroy it. You must understand that the word can heal a soul. or make her even sicker.

6) Anger:

First of all, I wanted to say that anger is a normal feeling that any soul can prevent. But anger becomes destructive to your soul when it stays with you forever and you refuse to let go of it. In this case, anger will become a virus that will devour your soul until it is completely destroyed or even take it to hell.

NB: Soul sickness is often a medically invisible sickness, you can't see it through a medical microscope, but you can see it through people's emotional behaviours.

It often manifests as stress, depression, hormonal imbalances, loss of health, abrupt aging, loss of physical beauty, loss of intelligence, loss of sexual performance, mental illness, incurable pimple on face, lack of appetite, sterility, etc.

Because any untreated disease of the soul eventually affects the functioning of your body because the life of the soul manifests through the body. What happens in your soul and manifests outwardly through your body is called psychosomatic illness.

NB: Soul sickness is different from a curse, a curse is not a soul sickness, it does not require healing to be free from a curse, as a curse is a bad spell on you who puts your life under certain social, financial or marital boundary conditions.

To free yourself from the curse, you need a prayer of destruction against the evil word spoken against you and this prayer must be accompanied by the prayer of blessing because the blessing cancels the curse.

A curse is a condition, in the curse a person or a group of people decides your fate by drawing how you should be, the kinds of children you should have in your life, your husband's behavior towards you, etc.

Of course, any undisputed curse in case its lasting effect might

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