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Understanding satan's strategies and fighting him:

5. Lies and Deception:

The devil has been called "the father of lies". very early in the Garden of Eden, he attempts to counterfeit the principles the Lord has established by lying to Adan and Eve. know then that Satan will seek to lie to you, but you can rely on the voice of the Spirit of God to be led into the truth.

6. Quarrels:

Satan is the father of contention. He likes to see good people who like to argue. Therefore, when there are quarrels in your home or workplace, stop the quarrels immediately and seek peace. It doesn't matter who started it.

Because God is a God of peace and not of trouble. And where there is trouble and strife, it is the devil who reigns and dominates. Often conflicts and arguments are signs of the presence of the devil in a home or family.

From experience, people who often like quarrels, arguments and troubles or even fights are often possessed by demons and need to be delivered.

7. Discouragement

Satan uses this tool effectively against the most faithful saints in Jesus Christ.

8. Denying its existence:

Our enemies are spiritual, Satan and his followers are invisible, and we tend to forget that they are watching us and trying to tempt us every day to destroy us.

My conclusion and that if our eyes were open and saw the spiritual world around us, we would not be distracted, careless and indifferent, but instead we would be continually on our guard and praying to our Heavenly Father for His Holy Spirit and his angels surround us. we. we. us and strengthens us to overcome any evil influence of the devil in our lives.

We must be constantly alert and prepare our defensive and offensive tactics so as not to give in to temptations. Satan and his followers try to defeat us. We are surrounded by these enemies and we experience their attacks every day of our lives. We should not underestimate their power or take them lightly.

9. Clouding your mind:

Clouding your mind is trying to spiritually keep you from detecting the movements of the devil in your life or home. Because he wants you to normalize the situation and not detect the demons behind your problem.

Satan and his angels will seek to darken your mind in order to exert control over you by causing you to sin against the word of God. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that the devil will only have power over you if you give it to him.

The forces of evil are many. Constituting “a third of the armies of heaven which were cast out of heaven with Satan, many are the spirits under the command of the devil. it is to alert us that "We are surrounded by demons who daily seek to destroy our souls.

10. The Devil Targets Leaders:

Satan attacks everyone, but he particularly targets leaders because they have influence over others. secondly because the devil knows that their lives and their decisions can affect many lives that depend on their faith.

That is why in his strategies he first tries to attack men who are probably his greatest adversaries, men of high office, who by their preaching and teaching have tried to persuade many others not to become his servants.

Satan will most intensely attack his most powerful adversaries, usually those in the leadership position in our family or region.

This warning is to help us prepare for lifelong battles. You must continually motivate and strengthen yourself and be ready to fight our spiritual enemy the devil.

You must understand that people pray too much in our family, house, region or country. they usually become the big target of wizards and they will try to neutralize them as they destroy their work.

And the prayer of such kind of people destroying their kingdom and also saving the lives of many people, that's why the devil is more angry with them and wants to destroy their life and ministry.

Throughout the scriptures and throughout the ages, many others have felt pressure from the forces of evil to keep them from fulfilling their part of leadership in Heavenly Father's plan. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, they did not give up, they persevered in prayer and faith and continued to witness for God and to preach the gospel with the help of the Holy Spirit. So we can follow their example. In spiritual warfare, we do not fight with guns and bombs but with our testimony and our faith in God.

11.Hinds You From Fully Experiencing Your Blessings:

In our lives, we must be aware that Satan and his followers will seek to gain control over us to prevent a sacred event or great blessings from occurring in our lives.

How many of us have ever given in to those last minute temptations, those obstacles just before a sacred event happened in your life? example Receive a call as you prepare to attend the temple or participate in a prayer session.

12. The devil wants to make you an arrogant man like him:

As christians, we come under varying degrees of attack. Some attacks are spontaneous and short, others can feel like endless battles.

We cannot ignore this reality in our Christian lives, the battles exist and the war will continue as long as we are on earth. And the more truths we learn about spiritual warfare, the more prepared we can be to fight and be victorious.

Behind every war, every battle and every attack hides a strategist, And Satan is our enemy, our adversary, the one who wants to eliminate us and he uses several strategies to try to accomplish his plan on us. And this teaching allow us to understand the strategies of the devil on us.

One of the strategies of the devil is to make you proud like him, because he knows that God resists the proud but he is gracious to the humble.

If you become proud, God will turn his back on you and the devil will use this opportunity to destroy you. This is why We must be careful of our own pride to prevent Satan from using it to destroy us.

It is also very important in spiritual warfare to know this: you cannot defeat the devil if you are arrogant, you must be humble to win your spiritual warfare.

Recognising our weaknesses and letting God fight for us is a great sign of humility and recognition that only God and the almighty on earth and the only one who can defend us in our fights.

The origin of pride:

To understand it, one must understand how to licify the angel of light had become satant the devil and the angel of darkness.

Who is Satan?

Satan is described in Revelation 12:9 as “the great dragon that was cast out of heaven, that serpent of old, called the devil and Satan, that deceives all the earth; he was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

His name is Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) and his original home was paradise. However, Satan did not remain in heaven as the beautiful angel for whom he was created. The Bible tells us that he was cast out because of his rebellion against God. Behind his rebellion hides a pride.

Pride caused Lucifer to rebel against God:

“Here you are fallen from the sky, shining star, son of the dawn!

You said in your heart: I will ascend to heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will be like the Most High"

(Isaiah 14:12-14).

Once we begin to become proud, we manifest one of the personal traits of the satant who fell and lost his place in heaven because of pride. The Bible warns that pride precedes a fall (Proverbs 16:18). God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5; Proverbs 3:24).

Satan's goal is to try to kill us, steal our blessings, destroy us, and try to turn us away from God and take us to hell with him. And pride is one of the things that gives satant the door to do his mission well on us.

Satan hates us. He hates God. His hatred manifests itself through his plans to destroy the people of God. Satan will use every possible tactic to divert our attention from the Lord and focus on ourselves. And every time we forget God by focusing on ourselves, we fall into the trap of pride.

The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life are things which each day little by little open the door to the devil to tempt us towards evil.

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but of the world.17 And the world passes away, and its lust also; but he who does the will of God abides forever."

(1 John 2:16)

Pride is a desire or thirst that manifests in the soul of humans. it is a negative feeling that makes man believe that he can do everything by himself without the help of God. The proud is the one who thinks that he does not need God and that he can live his life without God.

Pride can arouse lust in us, and lust gives Satan a door to tempt our flesh. Man is made up of three main elements: body, soul and spirit.

The body and the touchable part, to stay healthy it needs to be well nourished, to have a place to rest and sleep, it also needs to work (or exercise) to be a trump also needs weather protection.

The soul is the emotional part of man, it is the center of feelings and emotions that man releases into his being every day. It is the invisible and spiritual part of man.

The proud only take care of their body because they want to appear beautiful and attractive, which may not be so bad. But he neglects to take care of his soul, which can lead to spiritual death or separation from his Creator God.

The soul has needs that are controlled either by the Spirit of God or by the spirit of the devil.

The spirit and the party which represents God in us, It is the seat of thought, intelligence and wisdom. It serves as a torch or light to show us the voice to follow according to the perfect will of God.

When man's mind is enlightened by the Spirit of God, it leads him to God and encourages him to make good daily decisions that can enable him to live happily on earth.

But when man's mind is controlled by the devil, demons or manipulated by witches, it causes him to disobey God by doing things that will inflame God's wrath against him and by doing practices that can bring him curses in his life.

And the daily battles of how we feel and what we want to do happen in our minds and manifest in our thoughts. and this often affects the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Jesus: Our Answer to Overcoming Satan's Strategies

Luke 4:1-13 describes how Jesus was tempted. Satan tried to lure Jesus Christ into pride by making him act on his own outside of the perfect will of God. Main Jesus answered the devil every time with the truth according to the word of God.

Satan cannot force us to sin, it is almost impossible because he cannot control the behavior of a true believer (unless you are possessed by a demon) but he can sometimes place thoughts in our minds to push us to sin against God and that is called temptation.

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