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Because God often passes through men to bless us. Here's some wisdom to get men's favor over you.


All the good things we do is like a seed sown on the ground that will come back to you at harvest time, which means if you're wicked to people, don't expect people to help you tomorrow.

It is written: "Whatever a man sows, he will also reap." (Galatians 6:7) This is why You must always do good to people, because the good you do will come back to You tomorrow.


You must know how to honour people, even the poorest, when they come to your offices, you must greet them with honour. So when they are blessed by God from above, they will remember your consideration, especially when they were nothing.

Honouring someone simply means welcoming them with dignity, giving them the honour they deserve in your space or heart. Because honoring a person is also showing him great love, it's a way of telling him that you love him.

It is written: He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives him who sent me. (Matthew 10:40)

Which means that he who honors you my honor, and who honors me also honors him who sent me. I want you to remember this word, each time you have honoured a child of God in your house , you honoured Jesus himself, So because you honour Jesus in your home, you also honour the person who sent Jesus to earth Yahweh the Almighty God.

So when you honor God, you attract favor not only of men upon you, but also the favor of God upon you, so here you are triggering double favor upon yourself.


Respect is one of the great keys and a very important factor in human relations, especially if you are looking for people to help you in your life. You should really practice this virtue in your daily life.

That's why you should always respect people as much as you can. I speak to you here not only for the respect of successful people, but even for the poor. This is because the people you treat with respect today will easily remember you when God visits them; and they can open the doors for you tomorrow. Rude people often close doors themselves, because no one in the world can help a rude person.

Even in the Bible it is written: But the gaze of the Lord is on those who fear him.

(Psalm 33:18)

In the bible, the word which has been translated by the word Fear also means to give respect. By reading this scripture, we can say that, the favorable look of God is on the people who respect his word. tell those who fear him.

In the same way, if you respect people, they will look favorably upon you and bless you.


loyalty will make you an important person in society because the faithful always enjoy the favor of their master. loyalty is key if you are looking for a promotion.

It is written in the Bible: "His master said to him, Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will entrust you with much; enter into the joy of your master." (Matthew 25: 23)

This written truth is an iconic example of a servant who enjoyed his master's favor and promoted in his work because of loyalty. To be faithful today will favor you tomorrow; so don't be unfaithful or even worse a traitor.


Here I wanted to tell you not to be more logical than logic itself. Being flexible is accessible. make sure people feel very comfortable approaching you.

Avoid intimidating people. It can close the doors to a lot of things. You should always be open-minded and ready to listen. if there is cooperation, the person can tell you easily. But if they think you're too firm, he won't tell you much.


The inescapable mistake that people always make in human relationships is to look at people by their appearance.

Thank you for listening to me never consider people by their appearance, their social class or their religion even if you do not share the same doctrinal point of view, give them the necessary consideration because you do not know who can help you tomorrow .

I insist here never to neglect anyone because the person you neglect can be a great door for you tomorrow. I myself have many examples, many people who have helped me during difficult times, they are outside my community, even some of them are outside my religion.


Be humble it will do you a lot of good because the arrogant man often suffers alone without finding help because people will think you don't need help.

Remembering the virtue of humility is very tricky in human relationships. if you seek the favor of men you must be humble, above all because even God does not support the proud, it is written: God resists the proud, but he gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)

So if God, who has a big heart more than men, does not support the proud, what more can we say for the men of the world who have a human heart. So be humble and people will help you.

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