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The Activities of The Soul During Sleep.


(Part 3 Continuation and End.)

"Because soul and spirit never sleep, what does your soul and spirit do while your body sleeps?"

NB: In this Part 3, as promised, I am focusing entirely on the activities that the soul of carnal Christians and the soul of spiritual Christians do at night when their body sleeps.

To remind you as I already mentioned in my previous post that the activities your soul does while your body sleeps mainly depends on the state of your soul. For the soul of Christians will not have the same activities as the soul of a pagan. And the soul of a spiritual Christian will not have the same activities as the soul of a carnal Christian.

Likewise, the soul of a witch or a satanist will not have the same activities as the soul of a normal person. But at night during the sleeping time of the body, the sorcerer's soul will come out voluntarily in his body for the practice of witchcraft which is to harm people.

But if you're a heathen, your soul won't have the same experience as a wizard's soul. So because you're a heathen, chances are your soul is in a spiritual prison somewhere. It can happen because you don't have Jesus in you in your life, it is also possible that your soul is used by the devil, demon and witches or even other unhealthy people for their personal or satanic interest.

Now, in case your soul is in a spiritual prison or under the control of the devil, witch or agents of the devil in an unconscious way, your soul will come out every night while your body sleeps for the activities that the devil and witches imposed on your soul.

If you are a born again Christian for you to fully understand what your soul does at night while you sleep, you also need to understand sleep phonemes and why do we sleep? I want to let it be known here that sleep is very important in the life of a human being because it allows your body to recharge with the energy it needs to continue functioning well during the day.

Scientifically, there are three stages of sleep:

1) The first phase is drowsiness:

Which is often the start of sleep in your body, usually at this stage you are aware of your body.

2) The second phase is light sleep:

This phase resembles the pre-takeoff phase in an airplane. So the phase in which your body maneuvers down the runway to take off.

What you need to know about this second stage of sleep is that during light sleep you are semi-conscious in your body and if someone comes into your room or someone calls you, you hear that sound . Or if your alarm goes off, you will hear it because you are still semi-conscious in this sleep phase.

3) The third stage of sleep is deep sleep:

Deep sleep is the most important phase of human sleep because it is where many things and activities take place around our soul.

Before listing some of the activities that our soul does during this third stage of sleep, we must first ask ourselves the question why do we become unconscious during this stage of deep sleep? why this mystery of the complete unconscious? to the point that we forget even everything we have, including our wealth and our own existence.

Thus, deep sleep makes us enter a phase of total unconsciousness of our existence which perfectly resembles to the experience of death. We all know that when a person dies their body becomes immobile and oblivious to everything that is going on around them because their soul is no longer in their body.

In the same way our body usually becomes immobile and unconscious during the period of deep sleep because our soul is not there and usually when it comes back into our body that is when we wake up to go to the toilet or check something at home or change our sleeping position in bed ect...

NB: Do not confuse this natural phenomenon with the exit of the body of the soul of the sorcerer, because sorcerers and satanists do it, in a premeditated and planned way. But for us, children of God, this is done under the control of God himself and his Holy Spirit.

And God forbids that in his word, so no matter what level your relationship with God is, you couldn't leave your body set up, that's the worst witchcraft. But if it is God himself through his Spirit who makes you experience this, it is normal.

Here is the list of activities that our souls usually do while we sleep:

1) It connects to its source:

In the night each soul connects to its source where it draws its strength and energy. In the same way the soul of a sorcerer goes out to connect with the devil the soul of Christians connects with his creator God.

2) Visit a specific location:

Your soul sometimes comes out of your body because it feels connected to a place. So, if you often dream of a specific or unknown place in your dream, know that the person you see in your dream is your soul.

So, should you always ask yourself the question why your soul often finds itself there in this place? What connection is there between this place and your soul?

Maybe the Spirit of God is bringing your soul down there to let you know that there's something about you that's been buried there that you should be prayerfully concerned about. The location may be your native village, your former home, or a place where sorcerers cast incantations against your life.

3) Visiting intimate people:

You must know that your soul is a living person that has feelings, emotions and desires.

So if you live far away from your kids, wife, parents or even your best friends. It is probably possible if the desire to meet them rises in your heart and the distance prevents you from meeting them physically because of certain realities. unconsciously in an uncalculated or premeditated way Your soul may travel during your sleep time to visit them.

It often happened in two ways, either you dream the person in your dream or the person you visited can also dream you at night without you being able to dream of them at night. So don't be surprised if a family member calls you in the morning to tell you that he had a dream at night, you came to visit him and talk to him in his dream.

You need to know if a person dreams of you at night, the person he saw in his dream is really you, it means your soul.

4) He can connect to another grace and receive a blessing or gift transfer:

If you listened a lot to the sermons of a man of God and you had a high regard for him. It is probably possible to dream this man of God came to pray for you or to announce a prophetic word to you.

You dream about it because there is no possibility for you to meet him physically. This is why your soul under the help of the Holy Spirit tries to meet him during your sleep so that he can pray for you. So if you have this kind of vision, it means spiritually that your soul and the soul of the man of God met spiritually in the vision.

But here you have to be very careful because you have to be reassured that the man in question is indeed a true man of God.

5)Your soul can wander:

Your soul can simply go out for a walk in your neighborhood or around the world. Especially the souls of people who pray a lot often like to practice this kind of activity.

because in the spiritual life the more you pray the more your soul will be very active and if you pray a lot especially at night your soul will be even more active than the souls of other people.

This is the reason why the souls of those who pray a lot are those who see a lot in the spirit. This is because the souls of those who pray a lot usually become sentinel souls in the spirit. These watch over the other souls when their body sleeps.

This is why these kind of souls are very fond of local or even global walks, depending on what dimension you are operating in your mind.

Note that walking your soul at night is a very dangerous activity that can be life threatening because the night and the most dangerous part of the day is when all the soul-eating predatory monsters come out to search of victim souls.

Spiritually the sentinel souls become great targets of the satant and they are the ones who are the most attacked spiritually because through their walking activities manage to discover and reveal the works of the devil or even certain plots which are hatched against a person of your house. , your family, your neighborhood, your country or in any corner of the world, it depends on his spiritual capacity

So the souls who have reached the sentinel dimension God allows them to do this kind of activities because they have a very high spiritual dimension which can enable them to face the attacks of the enemies. And often these kind of souls have a great faith capable of overturning any mountain. It's like soldiers who are very well prepared for any war.

NB: Not all souls practice this kind of activity because it involves a lot of risks. This is why you must be prepared by God before your souls are used in this type of activity.

It is because the devil and the sorcerer do not like people who have the ability to see them or who manage to find out their secret. it's like a wizard when you discover his sorcery he will try to hurt you a lot because by seeing him you destroy his strength and the power of his sorcery.

Because they don't want people to know that they are wizards and the power of their sorceries derives its strength from concealment, that's why they will fight you with all their last energy if you find out their hidden secret. And you must be strong and well prepared to stand by faith until you win them.

6)Your soul can travel:

If you are a traveler or a tourist, it is practically possible that you dream a lot between two trips. This also happens when you are planning a trip, your soul may precede your bodily visit before you get to that place.

Also, if you wanted to travel for the strange and the visa process blocks you. Your soul may unconsciously and without premeditation visit the place you dream of visiting or immigrating to. Remember that your soul does not need a visa to travel.

7) Your soul can exercise its gift and ministry:

Namely, first of all, that each soul is sent to earth with a specific mission and that God has given each soul gifts and talents to help us accomplish our mission on earth.

Do not think that the exercise of your gifts or your ministry is done only in a physical way. But you have to understand that exercising your gifts also happens in a spiritual way, and this often happens at night when we sleep.

NB: because it is a very spiritual teaching I would like to be very precise with you that it is not you who decides to exercise your gift during your sleep but it is God himself by the Holy Spirit who decides . And it also depends on the needs of God.

How does God use our gifts or ministry when we sleep?

You must first understand that this does not happen to all souls but there is a category of souls that work in this dimension where God can use their soul to save other souls in a situation that someone is going through in his life or to announce news to the person if God wants to do something good in his life.

Let's address our question How does God use our gifts or ministry when we sleep?

Simply put, I start with this example of myself, I was following a family in a deliverance prayer where a person needed to be delivered from witchcraft. We all know that when a person wants to stop witchcraft, the devil will try to challenge them to attack them and force them to be afraid to give up.

This is the story of a person for whom I prayed for his deliverance; After praying for the person at night, he saw a group of powerful wizards who had come to destroy his house, then when they approached him, he had no power to defend himself.

Then in his vision, he suddenly saw me appear in their house, when the group of wizards who had come to fight him saw me in the room They got scared And there I started to fight all the wizards and to drive them out of their homes.

I would like to confirm here that the person he had seen in his vision and who had come to defend him was not an angel from heaven, but an earthly angel who was indeed my soul so it was really me.

Even though I myself was sleeping in my room at that time, but God had taken my soul and my spirit to go and defend him because my soul and his soul were already in a relationship because I was the person who helped him find his deliverance in Jesus Christ.

This little story is therefore a good example for you to understand how God can use your soul to defend other souls in a dangerous situation during the night.

You should know that when it comes to spiritual defense or conveying messages to people, God does not only use heavenly angels but he also uses earthly angels who are pure souls who fear him and who have reached a certain dimension in spirit capable of bearing the burdens of others and defending them in the spiritual worlds.

But in many circumstances, God often uses people around us and people we know in our lives who are more mature in faith than we are. And these people can be your parents, your partner, your pastor, a friend of yours or an intercessor of your church etc...

If you dream in your dream about an unknown person who came to save you from a dangerous situation or gives you a message. In my experience, strangers are often angels from heaven sent by God. Because you could not identify an angel, it is often impossible because it is a spiritual being that does not live in our world. But on the other hand the unknown can also be an earth angel who are often the souls of holy man of God living on earth whom God used in your dream to deliver you from this dangerous situation.

To finish with the 7th point, if your soul is an intercessor soul, it is probably possible that you regularly have visions as if you were praying for people in your dreams.

Sometimes you even pray for strangers you don't know. in my experience If you dream between praying for an unidentified person in your vision, it means that the person is in danger but in his environment there is no one carrying his burden to pray for him.

But because of God's mercy, God may invite an unknown soul like you to pray for him, the person may be in a hospital between death and God wants to save them through your ministry and prayer. So if you have this kind of dreams at night in the morning when you wake up you must continue to pray for the person because God has just entrusted you with a situation to carry in prayer because you are an intercessor soul who can carry the burdens of known or unknown people .

You may dream that your soul is in a hospital praying for the sick, your soul may be in a prison to get someone out, your soul may be going to preach in a church or territory, etc.

So, in conclusion, there are many activities, the list can be an endless list of activities that your soul does at night when you sleep.

All the activities your soul does at night when you sleep are often related to the calling of your ministry or an innate or spiritual gift within you, so don't neglect your dreams and visions.

Sometimes they are cases of prayers that God gives you, sometimes they are messengers that must be transmitted to people etc...

I insist once again, do not neglect your dreams because the exercise of your gift and your ministry is also done at night when you sleep. If someone calls you he dreamed of you at night in a good way, you must try to understand why he dreamed of you, sometimes it is a signal that God wants you to become his mentor, you must take into charge the person and start praying for him.

You must understand that you cannot dream of a person by chance if you dream of a person it is usually because your soul feels connected to their soul. And sometimes it can be a friend of fate that God himself shows you. Either he is a person who has no one to carry his burden in prayer and God wants you to become his intercessor.

In any case, ask God for advice to enlighten you on the interpretation of your visions. but do not neglect your dreams otherwise the judgment may be hard for you in the end.

My advice you must carry the message when it comes to carrying the message, pray when it comes to praying advised when it comes to advised in doing so you are exercising what God has called you to do on earth and God will reward you at the end of your mission if you do it well with humility and simplicity.

I hope in the Lord with all my soul

and I expect his promise.

Psalms 62:5

Yes, my soul, trust in God! For from him comes my hope.

Psalms 116:7

My soul, return to your rest, for the Lord has done you good.

Psalms 121:7

The LORD will keep you from all evil, He will keep your soul;

Psalms 141:8

It is to you, Lord, Lord! let my eyes turn, It is with you that I seek refuge: Do not abandon my soul!

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